Other Area – Fiber Internet

Fiber Residential Packages (Where available)



Up to 50 Mb / 4 Mb



Up to 75 Mb / 8 Mb



Up to 100 Mb / 15 Mb

Fiber Business Packages (Where available)



Up to 75 Mb / 25 Mb



Up to 100 Mb / 40 Mb


  • Residentail Rate per Month – $49.95
  • Business Rate per Month – $59.95
  • Installation Charge – $49.95

Click here to view our Wireless Internet (Sherrard-Aledo-Preemption) Application

Click here to view our Wireless Internet (Alexis Matherville) Application


Maintenance Package

  • $3.50 per month includes replacing of modem and wiring from lightning damage or any natural cause.
  • $25.00 call out charge for customer problems

If you have a problem, we will check our line and the DSL service from our office for no extra charge. The $25.00 call out charge will be applied to your account for the following reasons:

  1. Our service technician goes to your home or business and finds the problem to be in your computer or equipment.
  2. You do not have a maintenance package and our service technician needs to replace cables or reset your equipment. You will also be charged for the cost of any replacement equipment or cables.

*Receive a $5.00 per month discount on DSL service of $49.95 and more if you also carry our Expanded Basic Video Package.