Friday, Oct 25, 2019  through  Monday,  Oct 28, 2019

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    **HBO & Cinemax guide information and times will only be available during preview dates & times**



Attention TV customers:  During the Spring and Fall each year sun outages result in the degradation or loss of satellite signals for short periods of time. Sun outages are expected be most severe from Tuesday, October 1st, 2019  through Thursday, October 10th, 2019,  and may affect any channel. This degradation may appear as tiling or complete loss of signal and usually lasts for less than 2-3 minutes on any given channel.


Viola Home Telephone offers local and long distance service to the citizens of Viola and rural areas. With regular phone service you can add features such as call waiting, call forwarding, 3 way calling, speed calling, and caller ID. By choosing TRIO long distance you will enjoy making calls for as little as $0.12 per minute.

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Whether you are streaming videos, browsing, shopping, gaming, working, sharing photos or sending/receiving emails we have the perfect internet package for you with NO Data cap. Connect all of your devices and be assured there will be no additional charges at the end of the month!

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Finally, an affordable cable TV package! Starting with our Basic Video Package for $25.00 per month. We have several video packages to choose from to meet your family’s needs. Ask us how you can save $5.00 per month on a bundled package.

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Attention Internet customers:

With our new 50-75-100 meg fiber internet packages, we have found that MOST existing low and mid priced routers will not handle the wireless speeds of our new services. Most routers will only deliver 30-35 meg over the wireless connections. The wired connections of the routers DO support the new speeds.  Please do speed tests from a wired device as that should give you a more accurate reading of the speed being delivered. We only guarantee speeds that are delivered to our equipment located on you house.